Travel Essentials

To be totally honest.. I really don’t like traveling alone. I don’t enjoy getting to the airport, checking my bags, and waiting to board my flight by myself. I like being there with someone else, especially with J. He makes things look so easy and he really eases my anxiety. 

That being said, I know I have to suck it up because sometimes I will have to travel alone. Because all of my family is in Illinois, I just know that I’ll be getting on planes to see them after my move to AZ.

For the last couple of years, J and I have visited Arizona for our spring breaks, as well as just when we had the time. I’ve learned a lot from all of these trips – what works for me, what does not, and what I wish I had brought from the beginning. I enjoy traveling when I feel like I am in control, and keeping these “essentials” in mind really help me each time I travel, whether it is with someone else or by myself.

Here are some of my essential travel items!

  • My favorite pair of leggings – I don’t like to wear shorts on a plane, but I also don’t like to wear jeans… so leggings it is. If I am not comfortable in what I’m wearing, I will think about it the entire flight and I will drive myself crazy. These are a pair I certainly do not have to worry about.
  • Sweater/cardigan – planes are so funky with their temperatures.. one minute you are sweating and the next you are freezing. I don’t like to pack a bunch of bulky items for a flight, so a light sweater is exactly what I need. Layers can be super annoying, but I’d rather have the ability to put something on/take something off when the temperature calls for it.
  • Something to distract me – I DO NOT SLEEP ON PLANES. I so wish I could. I try every time, but I just end up even more tired with a really sore neck. I make sure to have all of my needed electronics charged and ready to be used if I choose – I just got an iPad, and WOW that keeps me distracted and really passes the time! I usually bring a good read as well, but studying works too.
  • Sunglasses – obviously if you are traveling at night… you wouldn’t have to worry about these on the flight… but I’ve traveled a lot in the morning, and for someone who gets migraines just from the sun being too bright one day, I have to have my sunglasses on me at all times. Packing them in my carry-on lets me get to them as soon as I get off the plane and start walking out the doors.
  • Concealer – I like to have something in case I need to freshen up my face – if it is an early morning trip, and having not slept the night before, the bags under my eyes apparently are taking a trip with me – though I would like to point out that they are NOT invited, ever.
  • Lipgloss – same thing as above, I like to freshen up sometimes, and it keeps my lips moisturized on a dry flight so, double-win.
  • Hand sanitizer – everyone. needs. to. have. this. on. them. For real. I get the heebie-jeebies if I don’t have any on me, especially in an airport with so many people passing through.
  • Gum – of course its used for when your ears pop during take off and landing.. but dang I love gum. While it is listed as a travel essential, I may or may not need it to survive….
  • Memory card adapter – I bring this EVERYWHERE when I am taking pictures. It is so nice, I get to upload directly from my camera to my phone, that way I don’t have to wait until I get home to upload to the computer.. edit.. resend to my phone.. yawn!


Maybe some of my essentials will be brought into your list of essentials, or you already have these – all of these items put me at ease on a flight.

Happy traveling!




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