First Week Back at Home

To be perfectly honest, it is hard to move back home. I love my family – I really missed being around them. How can it be so hard to move back with the people you love?? It all comes down to my routine, trying to adapt it to the environment here at home.


I spent four years trying to figure out what works for me. When to eat breakfast, when to have some free time, when to study, and when to workout. It took me a while to figure out that last one – I always felt like there was something else for me to do, and working out seemed to be the first thing that I took off my list of things to do for that day. During my second semester senior year, as classes were wrapping up, I found that I was able to manage my time a little more, and I all of a sudden had more time to do the things I want – like creating this blog, taking pictures, and FINALLY finding the time that works best for me to get a good workout in at the gym.

I was so happy to find that workout groove I was looking for. I found a workout buddy, a sorority sister of mine who kept me motivated and focused, all while having fun during our intense workouts in the morning. I felt fantastic each day, because I started the day off well with a great sweat-sesh. Before I knew it, graduation was here and it was time for my workout buddy, our “free” gym membership, and our workout routine to go our separate ways. Such. A. Bummer.

Now that I am home, I don’t have a gym membership. With the big move to Arizona right around the corner, I am a little hesitant about diving into a gym’s membership – establishing a new routine that I’ll eventually have to change yet again – change, by the way, scares the heck out of me. As for right now, I am trying to do as much as I can without a gym – going for walks, bike rides, doing weightless circuits – but I still have that itch to really challenge myself, like I had when I had access to a gym. It is a little overwhelming, feeling like I am out of my usual control seat, because like I said – I am not a fan of change.

I have to be more open to change – I am certainly working on it. In the mean time, all I can do is work with what I have. If that means using a yoga mat and working out in my porch, then so be it. I am working hard to see the results I’ve always wanted, and more importantly, I am happy with where I am right now.




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