Easter At Home

I love coming home. Sure, it can get a little stressful as I am used to my routine at school, and everyone at home has their own routine. One thing for sure, having a big dinner together is something I will always love.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day, so we had to take advantage of it as best we could – grilling outside!


After finding something to wear for Easter Mass, I came home and just sat outside with my dad. It has been such a long winter here in the midwest, and lately I felt like we would never have a day with just sunshine, no rain. Yesterday was that day – though incredibly windy, the sun was bright and the air was warm, so that was absolutely enough reason to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

With the windy being so strong, we had to move the grill to the garage. If anything, this was probably the best move for a number of reasons – the most important reason being the ability for my dad and I to do our favorite thing: just sit in the garage, in camping chairs, watching a Cubs game, and listening to music. It is something so simple, so pure, just enjoying each other’s company and relaxing. I would argue that it is my sisters’ favorite thing to do with my dad too – its something I truly do think that we will carry this “tradition” on with us into the future, with our future garages and big family dinners.

This was hands down the best dinner I’ve had in a while – as much as I like to cook, as a soon-to-be graduated college student, most of the time I opt for easy, quick dinners because I am just so busy. Last night, we had big juicy steaks with grilled baked potatoes, with sides of asparagus, mushrooms and corn – I hope that made your mouth water!!

Once dinner was finished and the kitchen was cleaned, we decided to play Monopoly – boy, did it get competitive. I am known as “money bags”, as I somehow find a way to win almost every time. Sadly, I must have been a bit rusty as I finished the game with the least amount of money – but hey, for not owning any property and often landing on other properties with 3+ houses, I played strong and stayed in the game! Monopoly is such a long game, and we finally had to call it quits after a couple hours of playing. We had not played together like that for a while. It was so much fun.

Today, we are having our Easter dinner with more family. This is my last Easter in the midwest.. though its bittersweet, I am so excited to start my life with my fiancé, J, in Arizona. I’m going to enjoy every bit of being home until its time for the big move.

So Happy Easter to everyone! I for one will have my day filled with Easter candy and laughs with my family!



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